We want everyone, everywhere to eat well

No one can concentrate on an empty stomach, that’s why we are supporting the most vulnerable through Mulanje Mission’s Orphan Feeding Programme.

Family is important in Malawi, so things can get pretty difficult for the country’s orphans. These, most vulnerable, children often don’t have access to basic medical treatment, schooling and nutritious meals. We don’t think that’s acceptable, and we’re pretty sure you feel the same way.

Mulanje Mission is tackling this by providing free medical treatment, paying school fees and ensuring every child gets at least one square meal a day.

That’s where the Good Little Company comes in…

In partnership with Mulanje Mission, the Good Little Company is able to provide one nutritious meal each day to these vulnerable children. These meals are served at school, to ensure these young scholars can concentrate. “Full bellies; focused minds!”

Sadly, the prevalence of HIV/AIDS means that the number of orphans in Malawi is growing. That’s why it’s so important we support these children now. long-term support.


We face many challenges here in Malawi. Knowing we can count on regular support from the Good Little Company means we can guarantee this life changing programme. Choosing a Good Little product at home means feeding a child in Mulanje.
I think that’s pretty exciting.

Dr Ruth Shakespeare, Director, Mulanje Mission Hospital